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How to clean stainless steel?

Date:2018/7/28 16:56:49

1. The best tool for cleaning stainless steel is the rag and the stainless steel oil. After the first step, the stainless steel is poured on the rag (notice: the stainless steel can not be used too much, otherwise it will leave a trace), and then wipes it back and forth on the stainless steel articles until all the stains are removed.

Two. After this step is completed, you can take a clean piece of cloth and continue to wipe the stainless steel back and forth (notice: no more stainless steel) until the stainless steel is cleaned and the stainless steel is brightened, which basically completes the whole cleaning work, if it is still found to have flowers. Elephants should immediately repeat the steps above and know how to wipe them up.

Three, when everything is cleaned, most of the stains will be removed. The commonly used methods are washed or wiped. Stainless steel is the choice of cleaning method to wipe off most of the dust on the stainless steel surface to make the whole stainless steel look clean.

Four, for the protection of stainless steel in fact refers to their daily sanitary conditions, simply to do a good job of cleaning stainless steel, the vast majority of people will think that the cleaning of stainless steel is very simple, but carefully observe the cleaning of stainless steel objects after the purchase of the fact that there is a great difference, these are all Because there is no cleaning and cleaning.


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