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Connection mode of stainless steel pipe

Date:2018/7/28 13:00:52


There are various connection modes of stainless steel tubes. The common key types are compression, live connection, compression type, propulsion, cone thread, socket welding, live flange connection, welding and welding and traditional connection. These connection methods are applicable according to their principle. There are also differences, but most of them are easy to install, reliable and reliable. The sealing valve or sealing material used in the connection is mostly made of silicone rubber, butadiene rubber and three ethylene propylene rubber, which are in line with the national standard, so as to avoid the worries of the users.


The following is a brief introduction to several common things:


1. compression connection


Compression connection: the pipe is inserted into the pipe of the pipe, fastened by the nut, using the screw force to compress the sleeve of the tube through the seal ring to seal the sealing function and complete the connection of the pipe.


Features: From the connection point of view, the pipe wall can be relatively thin, material-saving, easy to install, can be disassembled, easy to maintain, tool drawing force is large.


Scope of application: below DN50, can be installed.


Description: the compression type connection needs to flanging the pipe end of the pipe, or swirling a groove with groove tools at the pipe end of the pipe, or rotating the groove and C type stop ring at the end of the pipe, and the work in the field is large and the quality is not guaranteed.


2. card pressure connection


Compression type connection: the U groove in the end of the clamping tube is equipped with a special rubber seal. The stainless steel pipe is inserted into the socket pipe to position the step position when installation, and the pressing part of the U groove and the U slot on one side or both sides of the groove is simultaneously extruded with a special clamping tool. The rubber seal ring is sealed after being squeezed, and the contraction and deformation of the pipe parts and pipes at the same time, which form the shape of six angles, is fixed and fixed, thus the connection of the stainless steel pipe is effectively realized.


Features: easy and fast installation, reliable sealing, but not dismantling.


Scope of application: below DN100, it can be installed or buried.


Description: the work load of the compression type connection is small. It only needs to cut pipe, deburr, intubation position and press. It does not need other processing to connect pipe material, and avoids the quality defects caused by human reason.


3. flexible connection


The flexible connection is to insert the pipe into the pipe of the pipe, fasten the cover nut with a special wrench, seal the sealing ring through the pressing ring, so as to complete the connection of the pipe and the pipe.


Features: easy installation, dismantling, suitable for bad environment such as foundation subsidence.


Scope of application: below DN60, indoor decoration, underground pipe laying, earthquake, subsidence, heavy vehicles passing through the environment.


Description: it is necessary to use grooves to roll the grooves at the ends of the piping to fix the C ring.


4. welding connection


Welding connection: ring the end of the piping by manual or automatic welding.


Features: traditional connection mode, high welding strength, but welding conditions on site.


Application: all sizes and sizes can be installed or buried.


Explanation: Thicker wall thickness of piping is required, and high technical requirements for installation personnel are required in site welding. It can not be solidified, and the welding quality can not be fully guaranteed.


5. socket welding connection


Socket welding connection: is to insert the pipe into socket pipe fittings, pipe fittings and pipes for circular argon arc welding sealing effect, complete the piping connection.


Features: traditional connection mode, high strength and less leakage.


Scope of application: all sizes and diameters can be buried.


It is proved that the field welding can not be used for heat treatment, the corrosion resistance of the weld is reduced, the basic same carbon steel, intergranular corrosion and stress corrosion will affect the service life of the stainless steel pipe system.


6. flanged connection


Flange connection: the flange and pipe is made of annular argon arc welding, fastened with fast clip or bolt, so that the seal between the flange is sealed and the pipe is connected.


Features: traditional connection mode, safe and reliable.


Scope of application: DN125-200, pipes for public buildings or large buildings.


It is also possible to transform the traditional flange welding method to make the flange a live flange, the pipe port flanging or welding ring, the ring socket, the rubber seal in the slot, and the way of limiting compression to protect the sealing element.


7. cone thread connection


Cone thread connection: is the outer thread and piping for circular argon arc welding, the inner thread pipe fittings with cone thread connection to seal the role of complete piping connection.


Features: traditional connection mode, simple and large drawing force.


Scope of application: DN65-100, pipelines for public buildings and large buildings, suitable for adverse environment such as foundation subsidence, more suitable for high temperature and high pressure engineering.


Note: The spot needs welding, the external thread may be welding oblique, welding quality can not be guaranteed, may cause rework or seal failure. The corrosion resistance of the weld is also reduced.


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