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How to distinguish stainless steel and check the quality and quality of stainless steel?

Date:2018/7/28 9:39:21

The method of identification of stainless steel can be identified by using stainless steel determination solution, so that we can easily identify some of the fraudulent behavior in the market and the true face of the poor stainless steel in the market. For example, if we want to buy 304 grades of stainless steel, we can test the "304" products provided by the manufacturer. If true 304, we use the above "304" determination solution or "Ni8" test solution, we should have the corresponding test results, otherwise, it is not true 304; if the use of "low Ni" test liquid further test found that the bead is purple red, the product is a high manganese steel, and is likely to be the current The low corrosion resistant stainless steel, which is known as "200 series stainless steel", is prevalent in the market. In the use of testing solutions for measuring the general content of specific elements in stainless steel, we require us to refer to and understand the regulations concerning chemical components in the national standards of stainless steel. With this simple method, we can quickly identify the type of stainless steel.


The quality of stainless steel is determined not only by its chemical composition, but also by its structure, properties, purity and other factors. For the determination of these factors, stainless steel testing solution is obviously powerless, only with the help of professional testing. In order to better identify the true and false stainless steel box, we recommend a more professional method for testing, but in any case, when we purchase stainless steel products, we should pay attention to the reputation of the business, not only to be cheated, but also to pay attention to the reputation of the product inspection and quality certificate.


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